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Nikon GP-1 GPS unit for the D700

August 28, 2008

Along with Nikon’s announcement of the new D90 DSLR (which we won’t cover here), they have released details of the forthcoming GP-1 GPS unit which is compatible with the D700.

Acquired data: Latitude, longitude, altitude, time information

Time required for satellite acquisition: Approx. 45 sec. (cold start), approx. 5 sec. (hot start)

Power source: Supplied from camera body

Receiving indicators:

  • Red blinking (GPS data not recorded)
  • Green blinking (GPS data recorded utilizing three satellites)
  • Green solid(Four or more satellites detected, GPS data are more accurate)

Compatible models:D90 (via accessory terminal cable GP1-CA90), D3, D300, D700, D2X, D2Hs, D2Xs and D200 (via 10-pin remote terminal cable GP1-CA10)

Attachment: Attaches to camera’s accessory shoe or a camera strap via strap adapter GP1-CL1

Dimensions: Approx. 2 x 1.8 x 1 inches

5D comparison updated… again.

August 19, 2008

I’ve now updated the 5D vs. D700 “fight” with more real-world high ISO comparisons, and also audio recordings of the noise their respective shutters make.

You can view what is probably the worst example of noise at ISO 25,600 that I’ve ever seen, and can download the RAW files to play with yourself if you feel so inclined.

I still have more to come on this - including some comments on the 5D’s AF system - but in the meantime, please take a look and leave your feedback.

Updated: Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5D

August 17, 2008

I’ve been shooting with a 5D alongside the D700 for a while now, and have updated the D700 vs 5D page with more thoughts.

I’ve not yet posted any sample images (I’m still analyzing them), but they will be up in the next few days.

Please visit that page for more information, but to paraphrase - the handling of the 5D is quite, quite awful…

D700 vs D3 Continuous Shooting Speed

August 14, 2008

Responding to a request on the forums at DPReview, here’s a short video I just threw together showing how the D700 ranks against the D3 where continuous shooting is concerned.

Listen to the sound they make, too - the D700 is higher pitched, but also quieter. In my experience, the D700 has more of a “double-click” sound per shot, the D3 seems to have a faster mirror/shutter mechanism.

Nikon D700 vs D3 - FPS from Jon Read on Vimeo.

Updated: Better quality video from Vimeo.

5D on hand - comparison update forthcoming.

August 13, 2008

Thanks to a local photographer, I have been able to borrow a Canon 5D for a week. So, this weekend I’ll be putting it up against the D700 to see just how well Canon’s excellent but three-year-old (though still current) model fares.

This is mainly going to be a test of image quality, as the two bodies are too far removed in terms of construction to be compared directly in any other meaningful way. I do wish Nikon would produce something like Canon’s 24-105 f/4L USM though - the frankly mediocre 24-120 VR AF-S just doesn’t cut it.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to see in the comparison, please leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do.

Many thanks to the talented animal photographer Elli Goodlet for the loan. You have to love those goats!

D700 Price Checker now live!

August 12, 2008

Looking for a D700 from a reliable vendor, at the best price possible? I’ve been busy developing an automatic D700 camera price checker to help you.

I’ll be adding more stores and items shortly (right now, I need sleep :-) ), so keep an eye on it!

UPDATE: I’ve now added support for Adorama and Calumet, along with Amazon and B&H. Also added some more items.

B&H Photo’s D700 Review

August 06, 2008

B&H Photo have posted an in-depth hands-on review of the D700 - “A D300 in D300 Clothing“:

It’s truly a beautiful thing when all the hype and hoopla pumped out by camera manufacturers actually proves true when you finally get your hands on the camera being hyped and hoopla-ed. In the case of Nikon’s FX-format D700, all the hype and hoopla have proved to be true.

Looking for a local Canon EOS 5D owner…

July 31, 2008

Do you own a Canon EOS 5D and 50mm prime lens, and live near Winchester, UK? If so, I’d like your help to run some tests for my 5D vs D700 page. The temporary loan - just an hour or so - would be very much appreciated. Please leave a comment below if you can help. Thanks!

ACR 4.5, Lightroom 2 available - both support D700

July 29, 2008

Adobe have today released an update to their popular ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) package, and also the long-awaited version 2 of Lightroom.

Although they don’t seem to mention it, I have both apps here happily opening my D700 files. Perhaps the support isn’t “official” yet, but it does work.

Also, Nikon have released version 1.40 of their RAW Codec, which enables Windows users to view D700 .NEF files from within Windows Explorer.

Nikon RAW Codec
Adobe Lightroom 2
ACR + DNG Converter

Got a D700, can’t process the RAWs?

July 26, 2008

Until third-party RAW converters start supporting the D700, you’re a bit stuck if they’re part of your normal workflow.

So, a helpful user of the dpreview forums has posted a small but useful command-line application that will change the D700 RAW files to look like they came from a D3 - this enables applications such as Lightroom to handle them without complaint.

It does nothing beside changing the model name string from D700 to D3. It has two parameters: the input file name (a D700 NEF) and the output file name; if the second parameter is not specified, then the output file name will be “input name_D3 input extention”.

DPReview thread

Application download